Be an early bird

17 videos, 2.5 hours of content, free template, and all the downloads you need.

Beginners guide to making podcasts & radio

All you need is a computer and a smart phone to kick off.

A straight-up dive in and start making course covering setting up, intro to sound files, recording, speech and music editing, show arrangement, and a guide to saving and mixing down' your final edit. 

Delivered through bitesize video lessons, 2.5 hours in total, the course covers everything you need to record and edit a basic speech podcast and music radio show. The sound files used are downloadable, as is a template built for this project which enables an effective workflow. 

The core application used is REAPER which has a free - up to 60 day - fully functioning trial and works on any PC or Mac laptop/computer.

In an undeniably digital world, strike out and embrace the explosion in podcast and radio content.

Summary of the course

- Setting up and downloading Reaper

- Getting started with audio

- Meet the Mixer in Reaper

- Recording (3 lessons; using an App, a USB microphone and a Soundcard)

- Editing speech

- Automating volumes

- Best practice to stop 'clipping' (i.e. distortion)

- Normalizing (making sound files louder)

- EQ (changing bass and treble)

- Maximizing (a clever trick)

- Grouping audio and using markers

- Editing an interview, full example

- Putting together a music and speech show, full example

- Saving

- Exporting


  • J Fresh: Touring DJ & Producer // Supported by BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, KISS, KISS Fresh // PyroRadio #JFreshAndFriends

    I can't speak highly enough about Chris at The Boy in the Corner. His passion and knowledge of radio and podcasting is second-to-none and he's an incredibly supportive and brilliant communicator. He's been a key part of my career development and I wish there were more people like him in the industry!

  • Phil Loraine - House Trained

    In 20 years of working in the music industry, Chris is one of the most friendly, reliable and professional individuals I have come across. Making my fortnightly radio show with him is always a pleasure and never a chore and he has assisted me with fine-tuning my presenting skills tenfold along the way, for which I am immensely grateful.

  • Luke Barents

    This course gets you on track to start your own radio or podcast show. The content is suitable for any experience level using minimal gear. I’m already using these techniques in the studio, great work from The Boy in The Corner.